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Blue Note Special Reserve Cask Finish Series

Classification: Blend of Bourbons Finished in Cognac, Madeira, Sherry, Port, Secondary American White Oak, and Vino De Naranja Company: B.R. Distilling Company Distillery: Sourced from undisclosed distilleries in Kentucky, Tennessee, […]

Taste Test: A Chaotic Blend of Cask-Finished Bourbons Delivers an Unexpectedly Harmonious Whiskey

Do we need another cask-finished whiskey? Sure, why not let another one join the ever-growing party. How about a blend of bourbons that have been finished in six different types […]

Blue Note Special Reserve Cask Finished Series Blend of Straights, 56.25%

Blended from seven bourbons finished in different types of barrels, Special Reserve is dense from nose to finish but manages to find the harmony between its divergent flavors The nose […]

Bourbon Sales Soar And Hit Record Prices At Auction

No one twenty years ago would have predicted that bourbon—the corn-based “brown spirit” out of Kentucky—would make a comeback as the 21st century’s biggest surprise whiskey. And certainly no one […]