our bourbon

Blue Note is not chill filtered to preserve the bourbon's natural, thick viscosity and rich mouthfeel. Blue Note ages a minimum of 9 years in American, white oak barrels with a deep, No. 4 char.

93 proof everytime

At 93 proof, we found that full-bodied notes of caramel, oak, vanilla and spice opened up and danced on our tongues as if swaying to the beat of our favorite blues songs.

Coincidentally, we realized that the 1930's (93) saw both the repeal of Prohibition and the national rise of the Memphis blues.

Therefore, it was fate! We knew that 93 proof would be special.

slowly aged in memphis

Our barrels are "cooked" low and slow like Memphis barbecue as they age near the banks of the Mississippi River.

The deep, Delta heat and humidity forge an unforgettable rich flavor that will keep you coming back for more.

Blue Note takes a long time to make. It's made for slow sippin' and reminescing.